Financial Statement Auditing & Reviews


Often, a 501(c)(3) organization in Michigan may be required to provide proof of financial compliance, in the form of an audit or financial review performed by an independent CPA firm. These requirements may originate from the 1. State, 2. Internal by-laws, or 3. Required while applying for certain grants. Our team of licensed CPAs and non-profit Accountants provide a comprehensive suite of financial audits and compliance solutions to fit whatever specific requirement you may have:

  • Confirmation of Cash Flow, Balances, and Transactions
  • Evaluation of Internal Accounting Procedures
  • Inventory Evaluations
  • Compiled Financial Statement Preparation
  • Audit Preparation & Officiation

Financial auditing and compliance can be vital to the well-being of many Michigan non-profits, and our team of licensed CPAs and non-profit accounting experts can perform any specific compliance audit you may need.




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